Non-invasive screening tests for preventive healthcare

Aqsens Health Private Limited and Public Health Foundation of India signed a partnership for screening of oral cancer and anaemia

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Finnish startup Aqsens Health and the Public Health Foundation of India signed an agreement (September, 2018) to collaborate in the area of non-invasive saliva based health screening solutions based on Aqsens’ technology.

The collaborative project agreement complements an earlier MoU with wider scope that the Parties signed in May, 2018. Both Aqsens and PHFI are working on high quality research and development with the purpose of bringing modern digital health technologies accessible for everyone. The main focus of the Parties’ collaboration is to evaluate the feasibility of Aqsens Health’s patented screening solution in the Indian context. The first applications to be evaluated are screening of early stage oral cancer and iron deficiency anemia, both of which are significant problems in India impacting health and quality of life. Both have severe economic consequences and loss of productivity. All of these can be avoided or reduced if these are detected early.

“We see this as an important partnership and a step forward in bringing preventive and affordable health screening solutions accessible to as many as possible. With the PHFI partnership we can systematically validate our first applications and also build foundations for the further simple technologies”, says Timo Teimonen, CEO of the company.

“This collaboration will open avenues for population based affordable healthcare innovations of considerable public health importance. This platform builds on rich experience of PHFI on public health and technical expertise of Aqsens through which a range of public health challenges and needs can be potentially addressed”, says Prof. Prabhakaran, Vice-President, PHFI

The parties intend to deepen their collaboration and are looking into possibilities to launch concrete projects together in the near future.