Non-invasive screening tests for preventive healthcare



Unlike many other screening and diagnostic methods, Aqsens Health’s E-TRF method is non-invasive.

The method utilizes easily obtainable biological samples, such as saliva, urine and feces, for analysis, depending on the disease the patient is being tested for.

The collection of biological samples is easy and comfortable, especially for children and the elderly. Sampling does not require a laboratory environment and can also be done at home, which significantly brings down the price of a single test.



Our method was designed from the very beginning to be fast - analysis can be done and the results read and delivered instantly after the sample is collected and pretreated.

In addition to quick testing, our development framework is also exceptionally fast and agile, giving us the opportunity to develop screening tests for multiple diseases simultaneously.


High accuracy

Accurate and reliable results are the key in successful screening and diagnostics.

In all of the tests conducted so far, our method’s remarkable sensitivity and specificity currently exceed the ones of the industry’s gold standard screening method.



To make screening large proportions of the population against diseases possible, the screening method must be affordable.

Aqsens Health’s method is more than 50 percent cheaper than the currently available screening methods, making large-scale screenings a feasible option both in developed countries, and in developing economies.





Full mobility

The AQ MOBI platform offers capabilities to analyze biological samples and screen for diseases in remote and rural areas with no access to a laboratory environment. It uses the same sample pretreatment protocols, modulators and IPR as E-TRF based detection, but it is based on the changes in the color intensity of the sample.

The platform consists of a sample kit, a stand and a smartphone with the AQ MOBI analysis software. AQ MOBI includes all the functions to manage the testing processes, the measurement itself, and it fulfills the highest level of security features to collect and secure all needed metadata. The measurement data can be stored locally or in a secure cloud environment.

AQ MOBI is a fully mobile analysis platform that is designed for the screening and analysis of different chronic diseases and infections. The use of the AQ MOBI platform does not require medical expertise, and anyone trained in sample collection and the simple pretreatment process is able to use the AQ MOBI platform.