Non-invasive screening tests for preventive healthcare

Time Resolved

Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) uses fluorescence lifetime to gain information about a molecule or its molecular environment.

As fluorescence’s lifetime is characteristic for each fluorescent molecule and also influenced by the chemical composition of its environment, it can be used to characterize a sample.

When the natural background fluorescence is eliminated, the sample’s fluorescence can be used to deliver highly accurate information about its molecular environment. Aqsens Health’s proprietary invention (E-TRF) enhances this unique capability even further.

Basic E-TRF

Aqsens Health’s modulators are optimized for the detection and classification of diseases by measuring the interactions between the label, AQH modulators, and the binding function on the disease indicator. This allows the direct measurement of active disease indicators over a wide range of sample concentrations, such as saliva or urine samples.


Our E-TRF method combines Time Resolved Fluorescence with proprietary chemical and biological modulators which interact with the sample molecules to create a completely unique and repeatable fingerprint of the sample. The fingerprint is generated through the combination of several parallel measurements by counting the number of photons resulting from each interaction with TRF.

We can apply the E-TRF method to several different screening tests for specific diseases or disorders by selecting the correct modulators, and comparing the samples’ unique fingerprints.

By selecting the correct modulator, it is possible to direct the method’s sensitivity to the sample’s parameters of interest (specificity). This allows for the formulation of a test that is sensitive to specific needs.

Our AI intelligently combines information from different sample fingerprints for detailed analysis. This analysis enables us to develop the AI even further, and gives us valuable information about each disease.