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The power of cooperation – Aqsens Health’s research partnerships and collaborations

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Aqsens Health is actively engaged in several research collaborations with institutes and partners from different countries. The projects range from larger-scale collaborations with hospitals and health institutions to projects conducted in cooperation with individual researchers. Our research collaborations seek to make new innovations, establish long-lasting partnerships, and share valuable research discoveries. 


Screening for oral cancer in India

Exposure to oral cancer risk factors, like tobacco and Betel-quid, have significantly contributed to the high oral cancer morbidity and mortality rate in India. India currently has almost a third of the world’s oral cancer cases, and delayed diagnoses lead to deaths that could have been avoided if the cancer was caught earlier. 

Our research partner in India is the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI). We work together with Dr. Krithiga Shridhar, who is a Research Fellow focused on cancer and cancer prevention. The PHFI has an excellent reputation as a medical research facility, and the collaboration has been instrumental in building Aqsens Health’s operations in India. This research collaboration seeks to establish E-TRF’s ability to detect oral cancer from saliva, and to develop a screening method that would be more easily and more widely available for everyone in the Indian subcontinent. 


Detecting malaria from saliva in Ghana

Our newest research collaboration began in the spring of 2021. Our interest in testing E-TRF’s abilities in detecting malaria led to us connecting with a Dr. Linda Amoah, who is a Research Fellow focused on malaria and malaria detection at the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) in Accra, Ghana. The NMIMR is Ghana’s premier medical research institute. Their research projects cover a very wide range of topics, with malaria being one of its most well established focuses. 

The ability to detect malaria early from a non-invasively collected sample would enable rapid and effective diagnosis of malaria. Catching the infection early is important to avoid complications that come at the later stages of infection. 


Working together with clinical experts and researchers in Finland

As a Finnish company, Aqsens Health has strong ties to different universities and university hospitals in Finland. Currently we work together with researchers from the University of Helsinki, University of Turku, University of Oulu, and the University of Eastern Finland. 

Our largest collaboration connects all of these experts from different fields in developing a new, non-invasive prostate cancer screening test that would be able to reliably detect and differentiate between lethal and clinically insignificant forms of prostate cancer. 

In addition to our prostate cancer project, we are also working together with the University of Helsinki to detect Diabetes Type 1 from saliva, and to develop a saliva-based test to screen for Crohn’s disease. The collaboration to detect Crohn’s disease from saliva started in 2019, and our most recent results are very promising. We are eager to continue the collaboration and publish our results later. 


Future collaborations

New, exciting and meaningful research collaborations are often the basis for ground-breaking innovations, which is why we are actively looking for new opportunities and impactful and interesting research projects. If you’re interested in a research collaboration, contact us at, introduce your research project, and let us know how we could be a part of it with you.