Finnish startup Aqsens Health and Biocon Foundation have signed an agreement to collect early stage oral cancer samples for testing and validating Aqsens’ E-TRF
method in detecting early stage Oral Cancer indicators from oral rinse. The aim of the project is to validate and optimise the commercial solution for remote monitoring starting from India.
The agreement covers Biocon Foundation collecting samples from specified patient types and it will be done in connection with the foundation’s valuable work in screening oral cancer throughout India. The Parties have been working together already when Aqsens performed the previous set of tests in India in 2014-2016. This set of sample collection is estimated to be completed by the end of May 2018 and the parties will create a scientific publication on the project and the results. The Parties further intent to continue collaboration around the preventive health care opportunities in the future.
Aqsens has a long term commitment to build accurate, low cost and mobile screening solutions based on saliva (or other body fluids). The company has patented and tested its oral cancer screening solution with hundreds of samples and with this step it will start to optimise its commercial device and test kit for the wider use. The tests will be performed in Bangalore on C-CAMP (Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms) campus as a natural continuation for and based on a Letter of Intent that Aqsens signed with C-CAMP and The Department of Biotechnology of the Government of India. At the same time the company is already preparing to start developing other applications with the aim to have large scale impact on different health issues, starting from India and Southeast Asia.