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WE ARE a young and passionate interdisciplinary science and technology team from Finland. Our team consist of true problem solvers complemented with experienced business professionals.

Together with our collaboration partners we will make a difference. As a team we are committed to provide new non-invasive, affordable and mobile health screening and monitoring applications.

Aqsens Health Oy and its subsidiary at India, Aqsens Health Pvt Ltd, is currently committed to bring new preventive healthcare applications to the market. The company’s initial focus is in oral cancer and anemia detection from saliva and mouth rinse samples. The rising need and governmental push for door-to-door screening in India has created an unique business opportunity for Aqsens Health’s E-TRF- technology.


In the beginning of 2017 the core people from Aqsens Oy founded a new spin-off company with focus on health applications. Aqsens Health Oy was born. However the team behind Aqsens Health had been working in India already since 2014 to develop low-cost medical screening tests. From there on the crew has created collaboration networks required for the research and development of saliva tests in India. 2015 the team published very promising screening results based on the work.

The scientific foundation and a granted patent enabled setting-up the company and thus the journey begun. The method originates from the University of Turku where Professor Pekka Hänninen and his team (part of AQH now) made fundamental invention on non-specific detection area using Time Resolved Fluorescence. The company has further developed a E-TRF method which can detect very small changes in any body liquids (saliva, urine, teardrop etc) and hence detect eg. early stage Oral Cancer or Iron deficiency Anaemia from saliva.

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MARCH 2016

Publication of Initial Oral Cancer Screening Results


Mucosal Analysis Patient Granted

APRIL 2017

A Subsidiary Incorporated in India

MAY 2018

Partnership established with the Public Health Foundation of India


Initiating project on oral cancer and anemia screening in India