Impactful solutions

Preventive healthcare and remote monitoring are matters of increasing importance to every society. We focus on creating cost efficient, accurate and widely available screening methods that enable quick diagnosis of health disorders from body liquids like saliva and urine.

We are focusing to regions where new affordable health screening methods are most needed for increasing quality of life and lowering the cost of healthcare. Mobile health monitoring will offer significant value to its customers and especially when there is no access to modern healthcare facilities.

Aqsens’ solution is designed for ease of use, scalable deployment and efficient management even in challenging remote areas.

Oral cancer screening

In Southeast Asia oral cancer ranks among the three most common types of cancer. Globally over 0,5 million cases are diagnosed per year. Most of these patients don’t survive, at least without significant impairment. When the disease is detected in early stage, mortality rate and socio-economical cost will go down notably.

Aqsens’ solution is a patented method based on Time Resolved Fluorescence (Enhanced TRF). The solution includes a small reader + consumable kit + intelligent algorithms and it is battery operated with Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

Main Features

  • Accurate

  • Mobile

  • Exceptionally cost efficient

  • Reliable

  • Easy and fast to deploy with minimal training

Anemia Screening + cure

Combining diagnostics with nutrition, supplements or drugs

Iron-deficiency anemia in India is rampant among children below the age of three (78.9 percent) and women (55 percent). Anemia has led to 17 percent loss in productivity among workers engaged in heavy physical labor and a 5 percent dip in the output of moderately active workers.

India loses 0.9 percent of its annual gross domestic product (GDP) due to iron-deficiency anemia, according to a 2003 paper published in Food Policy.

How we do this?

Aqsens solution is exceptionally cost efficient and patented. Derivative method based on Time Resolved Fluorescence

Time Resolved Fluorescence TRF

Our patented method enables quick screening of health disorders. It creates a repeatable and unique fingerprint where instead of measuring one indicator we measure several at the time. Use of lanthanides in diagnostic assays goes back to 1980’s, when Turku based company in Finland started looking for alternatives to radiolabels in immunoassays together with researchers from Turku and King’s College in London. The work then led to development of the lanthanide chelate labels and technology that revolutionized the field – still today this technology offers extremely high sensitivity and versatility e.g. in newborn screening. Aqsens Health utilizes lanthanides in a new, innovative way with initial focus on oral cancer screening in India and Southeast Asia.