Non-invasive screening tests for preventive healthcare

Non-invasive screening tests for preventive healthcare

At Aqsens Health we focus on developing screening tests for diseases that are hard to diagnose, and diseases where the benefit of an early diagnosis is the biggest. We are currently working intensively on tests for different cancers and IBD, as they become more common.

We are also continuously adding more tests to our development pipeline and conducting feasibility tests with our E-TRF -method for different diseases. You can read about our screening tests in more detail below.

Screening as a laboratory service

Standard 96 microplate and laboratory TRF reader with AQ measurement protocols and patented modulators

Mobile screening solution

AQ MOBI platform, testkit and mobile application


IBD — Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis — are becoming more prevalent, especially in developed countries. They are often hard to diagnose, and finding an effective treatment after the first symptoms is a long process.

An estimated 2.5 - 3 million people in Europe, 0.3% of the population, suffer from IBD. IBD is an incurable disease with cumulative treatment costs that account for over 5 billion Euros in yearly healthcare costs in Europe alone.

As IBD is becoming more common, its impact on the economy is also increasing, and in the future they will pose an even larger economic and social burden on healthcare systems and governments around the world. Accurate and cost-effective screening tests and treatment monitoring solutions can significantly decrease the cumulative cost of IBD and lessen the health burden it constitutes globally.

Aqsens Health’s AQ IBD® test is able to detect, categorize and measure the treatment response of IBD from fecal samples, and the screening test is currently under validation testing in Finland.

AQ COLON® (under preparation)


Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men in many parts of the world, and it accounts for a large number of cancer deaths worldwide.

Every year, several cases of prostate cancer are left undiagnosed, while at the same time tens of thousands of men are overtreated for non-lethal prostate cancer. This is caused by the low specificity and ineffectiveness of the current screening methods, which often produce false positive results, and often miss the most dangerous cases of prostate cancer completely.

Detecting potentially lethal prostate cancer variants (Great Group 4 and 5) in an early phase is the most important objective for prostate cancer screening.

Our recently validated research shows that Aqsens Health’s E-TRF method can accurately screen and classify the lethal types of prostate cancer from urine samples - a long-awaited accomplishment in prostate cancer treatment.

AQ PROSTATE® (clinical validation phase)


Oral cancer is one of the most common cancers in India, constituting a significant health burden on the Indian society. Oral cancer is hard to prevent due to the long-rooted habits of using tobacco products, but early detection can still dramatically decrease the treatment costs and improve the patient’s quality of life.

Our mobile screening method is able to detect oral cancer from saliva samples. These samples are easy to collect, and the analysis can be done right away, also in rural areas.

Our oral cancer application is currently undergoing validation processes in India in collaboration with the Public Health Foundation of India.

AQ ORAL® (clinical validation phase)